Porto Santo - The Golden Island

Porto Santo together with Madeira make up the Archipelago of Madeira, Portugal. The Island is situated at the same level as Casablanca which makes a holiday destination throughout all the year. The temperature will remain between 17 and 25 centigrades.

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What to do?

Porto Santo is best known for its wonderful 9 km golden sandy beach. But the island has much more to offer. The sports enthusiasts will find plenty to do. The Golf Course with its 18 holes can be found between the mountains. But you can also play tennis, horse ride, see the island by foot or by bicycle and dive (it has a Diving School) or sail. After all of that comes the best beach in Europe and it will invite to sun bade or jump in the refreshing Atlantic sea.

Beach · Walking · Golf · Rest · Relaxation

Where is it?

It's 950 kilometers south from Lisbon and 50 kilometers north-east of the island Madeira. Marrocco is 500 km away while the Canary Islands are 450 km away.

Surface area: 42 km2
Latitude: 33.05 n
Longitude: 16.20 w
Population: 5.000
Capital: Vila Baleira

The home

This beautiful home is situated in Camacha, Porto Santo (3 km away from the beach). It has a lounge, two bedrooms, WC with shower, fully equipped kitchen, storeroom and garage. Here will find comfort and privacy.

Spacious and fully furnished, where you can find also a satelite TV, a CD player and internet. You have electrical heating, just in case you need it or simply for the romance! Off the lounge you have the terrace and the garden which surrounds the whole house. It will always be your decision to eat in or out as the garden table can easily be put in the lounge.

Both bedrooms have king size beds. Very comfortably furnished and modern. You will find plenty of storage place in both rooms. The bathroom is spacious with shower, toilet en bidet, where you also can find a hairdryer and towels.

The kitchen is fully equipped. If you feel like grilling you have an electrical grill for your barbecue. You also have a dining table and four chairs in the kitchen.

In the storage room you will find all extra appliances like the washing machine or the boiler and others. And lots of space to store your shoping.

Camacha · 2 bedrooms · detached house · tropical garden
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Prices are based on the number of persons.

2 persons € 590,- per week
4 persons € 840,- per week

For longstays (more than 3 weeks), we offer you special prices.

Once agreed you will have to pay 50% of the full amount by bank transfer. The other 50% will be paid one week before your arrive.
We do not accept personal cheques. If not arrange before about using the car or the bikes you can always decide about that anytime during your stay in case you wish to use them. Please note that they have to be rented also for the duration of one week and that we only accept cash.

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Local Government offices
Street: Dr. Nuno Silvestre Teixeira 
Phone: 291 980 640 

Public Administration
Av. Henrique Vieira de Castro
Phone: 291 982 361/2 

Society for the Development of Porto Santo
Straat Dr. Nuno Silvestre Teixeira
Phone: 291980 600 

Medical Services
Straat Dr. José Diamantino Lima
Phone: 291 980 060 

Emergency Services
Vliegveld van Porto Santo
Phone: 291 982 115 

Plaats: Esquadra da Cidade- Matas
Phone: 291 982 423 

Tourism Services
Av. Henrique Vieira de Castro 
Phone: 291 983 361/2 

National Guard Republicana
Plaats: Vale do Touro
Phone: 291 982 328 

Maritime Police 
Straat Dr. Nuno Silvestre Teixeira
Phone: 291 980 076 

Av. Dr. Manuel Gregório Pestana Júnior
Phone: 291 982 123


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